Sarah Gregg - The Reiki Drum Technique


Reiki One Practical Healing Session"Thank you for a wonderful weekend on the Reiki Drum course, I did take a lot from the course and I have definitely become more aware of vibrations since the weekend, something I was not too sensitive to before. The style of teaching was so conducive to me and I felt the group were very special and I am sure I have yet to fulfil my journey in terms of outcome." - Irene, Reiki Drum Student, Herts

"Regarding the drumming, the emotional shift of my clients is so much more magnified. Everyone loves it. During the course I loved the fact that everyone felt the environment was safe enough to share our ongoing experiences as they happened. I enjoyed the way you taught and the breaks were really needed to stop it getting too heavy on our mind and body. The amount of people was also good." - Diana, Reiki Master Teacher, Suffolk

"Dear Sarah, Thank you so much for a lovely weekend at your beautiful home, and the wonderful experience I had with the Reiki course. It is amazing what knowledge we gain all the time. I just did my Yoga practise and it was different. I felt so much love and peace in my heart and quite emotional. It must be the Reiki!" - Barbara, Reiki One Student, Essex

Reiki One Practical Healing Session"Dear Sarah, Thank you so much for a really beautiful experience, for your time and energy and for letting us share your space for what was, for me, a life changing weekend. I really believe that we were all bought together on this course for a reason and I feel so lucky to have met you all and have no doubt that we will continue to grow and learn from each other as we continue on this journey."
- Hannah, Reiki Master and Reiki Drum Student, Scotland

"Sarah, Thank you. A beautiful weekend, an energy and light that has sustained deep within me. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, professionalism and wonderful energy and home. So far my clients have been thrilled by the energy from the drum, I can only describe it as they do... the "Wow" factor!" - Leanne, Reiki Master, France

Reiki Drum Healing Practical Session"As soon as I heard about your course I knew I had to be on it, it came along at exactly the right time, just when I had ordered it from Spirit! Reiki and drumming are two of my biggest passions so I knew this was going to be a special weekend for me, but I had no idea just how important it was going to be. I've done a lot of intensive training and energy work in recent years but this was one of the most powerful weekends I have ever had. The atmosphere was perfect, you have created a beautiful and sacred space. The combination of your wonderful teaching and the amazing Reiki Masters who were there with me was exactly what I needed, I feel blessed to have met you all. The techniques we learnt were fascinating and powerful, my clients are really enjoying them! I have been doing medicine drumming for quite a while, and the Reiki Drum technique feels completely different to give and receive - gentle and powerful at the same time, as my clients have said. Most of all the weekend was a healing experience for me, one of if not the most powerful I have ever had. Something fundamental shifted in me, like all the work I have done over the last four years finally clicked into place and opened me up to even more powerful experiences. Finally something has been revealed to me that has united the many strands of my energy work to put me firmly on the right healing path. The course was over a month ago and I still feel different, more positive. So much in my life has changed as a result of this experience, and I can't thank you enough! I'm still over the moon, and drumming every chance I get. Thank you xxxx" - Kay Gillard, Reiki Master/Teacher and Shamanic Healer

"Outstanding course, really enjoyable. Sarah is an excellent teacher and master of The Reiki Drum and shares her knowledge in an interesting, practical and fun manner. I would thoroughly recommend her sessions and courses to anybody and everybody." - Doug Buckingham, Reiki Master Teacher, London

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