Sarah Gregg - The Reiki Drum Technique
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Reiki Drum Students"On a practical level the course was set out well and taught in an easily understandable way. The whole weekend flowed and it was obvious that you taught from the heart as the passion for the Reiki Drum was infectious. The manual is really interesting. The experiences I had during the weekend, the Drum attunement, the journeys we received and gave, the healing we shared, was without a doubt the most significant spiritual experience I have had in my life. My Reiki Mastership definitely led me and helped me to prepare for this amazing new journey in my life. Profound spiritual guidance is probably the best description I can muster for it, an energy shift of massive proportions but an energy shift full of wisdom and peace. I feel an inner calm and sense of purpose that I always knew was there but was always a little out of reach. An amazing energetic power that has become a part of me through wisdom and guidance. It feels like I have come home. It's not always easy to put into words spiritual experiences... but definitely the journey the Drum workshop started me on is one of many layers. I feel that I will be discovering things from the weekend and stuff leading off from the weekend for months. I have a great adventure ahead of me. THANKYOU!" - Sharon, Reiki Master Teacher, Essex

Reiki Drum Healing Practical Session"When Spirit guided me to Sarah's website, I knew that learning Reiki Drumming was an absolute must! I was already working with sacred sound through Karuna Reiki, so a lot of the information on the Reiki Drum website immediately resonated with me and Sarah's personal story further inspired me to get in touch. The course exceeded my expectations on all levels. Sarah is a light-hearted, wise, deeply compassionate being and demonstrated her love of teaching during the two day workshop. In addition, I found myself blessed to be alongside some very talented, inspiring fellow Reiki masters and Light workers in the sacred space of Sarah's home. Reiki drumming added another level of self-discovery, development, healing and love and I found the two day workshop to be an incredible, profound and transformational experience, one that I can highly recommend to anyone wanting to take their healing and awareness to the next level!" - Jaime Tanna, Karuna Reiki master and SRT consultant

Reiki Drum Healing Practical Session"The Reiki Drum course was a lovely experience. Sarah's home is always a lovely, peaceful and relaxing space to be in and this was further enhanced by the drumming and the journeys we all embarked on. Sarah was able to teach us a great deal, whilst the atmosphere remained informal and relaxed. Lots of stimulating and thought provoking discussion also took place during the course of the week end. I personally was able to meditate far more deeply than usual and journeyed into surprising, but enlightening territory with very good results. This course was an opportunity to step off the merry go round of life for some deep and meaningful spiritual respite." - Maureen, Reiki Drum Student, Herts

Reiki Drum Students"I consider myself to have been very blessed when my path crossed that of Sarah's. I had been initially attuned to Reiki One in 1992. It was a very memorable experience and one that I knew would change my life. My life has taken many turns since then but Reiki has been something that I have chosen to take on my journey with me. Over the years I have spent time with many wonderful people and thought often of doing my Reiki Masters. I even went as far as booking two Reiki master courses but something always got in the way and the time past with out me taking the next step. In January 2007, I was on a Yoga retreat when I met Sarah. I had of course heard about Sarah from a very dear and good friend - herself a Reiki master and teacher. I had heard about her wonderful warm personality, genuinely good spirit and gentleness. When I met Sarah, I was not disappointed. I was even more blessed to learn that as well as being a complementary therapist - she was a Reiki master and teacher. I knew that I had found the teacher I had been looking for. Sarah has been a gift sent to me from a higher place. Her method of teaching has been inspirational. Sarah believes passionately in what she teaches. She lives by the very rules and principles of her teaching. I feel honoured and privileged to have spent the time with her. I realise that my life has been very blessed and that the course is only just the beginning for me. I feel inspired to learn again - to study and absorb the amazing teachings that ancestors have left us. I also am secure in the knowledge that Sarah is there to guide me. Sarah takes her responsibility as a teacher very seriously. The relationship formed between us is respectful and trusting and I know that I have found a life long friend. I would recommend anyone who wishes to learn Reiki to seek their own Master and teacher. If they are blessed, they will find Sarah."
- Diana, Reiki Master Teacher, Cambs