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Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master Class

Buddha The three day Master training course enables the student to become not only a Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® practitioner, but also a Holy Fire Karuna Master, able to teach others. Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® has two practitioner levels and eight symbols, each of which has a different frequency and can be used for a variety of different purposes. The Holy Fire Karuna Master level incorporates one more symbol which represents the Holy Fire Master energy. The energies are noticeably stronger and many who have worked with Usui Master energy for years, find the Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® allows them to channel results which are more powerful than previously experienced. The energies are passed to the student through a series of Ignitions working directly with the Holy Fire energy.

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® is a very compassionate and loving energy. Many who have taken the Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® course have had visions of enlightened beings, those Bodhisattvas or enlightened souls who watch over the earth and have mastered Holy Fire Karuna, being its emissaries. This contact with enlightened beings can be inspirational and is an indication of the level of consciousness that Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® is coming from. It opens the student to guiding energies from their own personal belief systems as well as introducing them to other great spiritual masters.

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® can be extremely effective for many issues and bringing about the following:

  • Working past life issues
  • Releasing karma and deeply seated issues
  • Working at a cellular level
  • Breaks up negative subconscious patterns
  • Illuminating shadow self
  • Working with addictions
  • Helps develop good habits
  • Helps develop determination and completion
  • Helps with grounding
  • Helps clear the mind
  • Clears rooms of negative energy
  • Manifests goals
  • Increases creativity
  • Improves learning ability
  • Helps with communication
  • Helps maintain healthy boundaries in relationships
  • Helps with fear, worry and panic
  • Develops compassionate action
  • Allows contact with spiritual beings
  • Is a gateway to unlimited potential
  • Helps contribute to healing of the earth
  • Connects with other consciousness (plants, crystals, animals)
  • Increases clairvoyance

Holy Fire Karuna and Sound

The Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® system uses toning and chanting as a means of creating profound shifts in the vibrational frequency of the energy. Through vocalising the sounds of the Reiki symbols, it is possible to manifest these symbols, creating states of deep relaxation and meditation and actually resonating and releasing areas of imbalance.

Channelling the chanting and toning sounds can improve one's overall ability to channel Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® energy, taking us to higher levels of consciousness. Toning is especially useful in releasing blocks of negative energy, amplifying the Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® energies and sending them deeper into the client's energy field. Chanting the name of the symbol with your Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® empowered voice directs the energy into a block or area which has the most need.

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher Class Syllabus

  • Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Pre-ignition
  • What is Holy Fire Karuna Reiki®
  • Origin of Holy Fire Karuna Reiki®
  • The Three Heavens
  • Holy Love Experiences
  • Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® I Symbols
  • Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® II Symbols
  • Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master Symbol
  • How to give a Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® treatment
  • Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master Levels I and II Ignitions
  • Healing Fire Ignition
  • Heavenly Banquet Hall Meditation
  • Holy Fire Karuna Reiki®and sound
  • Toning and Chanting
  • Practical work (Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® treatments, practising attunements and ignitions, discussion)
  • Guided visualisation work and meditations
  • Sound and moving meditations

Duration of Course: 3 days Fee: £450 Deposit: £150
Forthcoming Dates 2015: 18-20 September
Forthcoming Dates 2016: 19-21 February 9-11 September

Venue: Sawbridgeworth, East Herts

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