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Sacred Sound & Light Immersion

Sacred Sound & Light Immersion WorkshopThis beautiful, practical and experiential two day workshop combines many different sacred sound and energy techniques, the intention being for participants to find their own inner harmony. Harmony is the balanced state where our emotions, mind and bodies are in tune with our intentions. A weekend of gong baths, sacred drumming, toning, chanting, voice and energy work, movement, meditation and silence - a time to find balance between being and doing to bring harmony and healing into your life, finding personal liberation and transformation through sound and light.

sound healing instrumentsThis is a wonderful opportunity for those who are interested in investigating different sound healing techniques enabling students to use their voices and different instruments as well as receiving the many benefits of sacred sound and light techniques. This powerful and blissful workshop is suitable for complete beginners who would like to find out more about sound and its effects and for the more experienced who would like to immerse themselves for two days in a conducive environment with familiar sonic healing techniques.

Workshop syllabus

Monochord Sound Chair Crystal Bowl Meditation - experiential
Working with Rattles - practical
Vocal applications
Toning - practical
Chanting - practical
Mantra - practical
HealthRhythms Drumming & Group Participation - practical
Drum Healing - practical
Drum Journey - experiential
Monochord Chair - experiential
Meditation & Visualisation techniques
Gong Playing & Participation - practical
Group Sound Bath - experiential

Duration of Course: 2 days Fee: £140 Deposit: £60
Forthcoming Dates 2018: 21 & 22 April
Venue: Sheering, Essex

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